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CoLAB urbis is a undergraduate thesis for the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Brasilia - UnB. From an organic view of Urbanism, which is, the city formed from the spontaneous logics of society, this project thesis aims to present a development strategy, a model of urban occupation, for an uninhabited area in the interior of Goias, in the municipality of Goianira. Goianira is 220 km away from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. 

In its first phase the owner of the land lot (Initiators and Creators) earn it by developing some sort of work, such as business, housing or agriculture. In addition, the lots are self-sufficient, meaning that the lot's owner needs to solve the infrastructure issues (roads, waste disposal, sewage, drinking water and energy) within its lot. The Creators then will analyze the demands of lots and draw them in the city, forming the roads, blocks and neighborhoods.

To understand a little more about the principles and guidelines of the territory visit our project tab!

Sofia Veras

Urbanism and Architecture Student - UnB

I have always been a curious and questioning person, and the question that bothered me the most during college was:


"Why are people so far from the urban decisions of the city where they live?"


So to resolve this impasse, I developed coLAB urbis, as my final undergraduate thesis.

Projected time lapse of Almeere Oosterwold





that something similar was made in The Netherlands?

What the video below to know more about Freeland


Choose your profile. Anyone can participate!


The initiators will be the first citizens of the city. Without them, there is no city for creators to create. They are the people, the population, the clients, the entrepreneurs. If you do not want to actively participate in the project, but are interested in the idea in some way, you join this group!


The creators are the ones who will help the city get out of the imagination. You must have the willpower and desire to do different. Anyone who is willing to help with the project, whether drawing, programming, building or even planning comes into this profile!


"There's many, many exciting and important things you could do that you just can't do because they're illegal, or they're not allowed by regulation, and that makes sense, we don't want the world to change too fast.

Maybe we should set aside a small part of the world where we can try out some new things and figure out what is the effect on society, what's the effect on people. And people like those kind of things can go there and experience that."

Larry Page, co-founder of Google